Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Is the bling about to fall off Clegg?

Is the pressure now on Nick Clegg following his first round win over the other party leaders in the debates that should be entitled ‘None Of Us Have Talent but Plenty of Bull?’

Well it seems that the pressure may just be starting to hit this young pretender.

Yesterday an elderly member of the Socialist Workers Party, which in itself say’s a lot about the SWP these day’s, was apparently rugby tackled down to the ground when he attempted to heckle Clegg. The report that I read said that one Andrew Fitton fell foul of a police community support officer (street name plastic pig) after shouting slogans about the Lib Dems supporting the Thatcher governments dismantling of the unions back in the day.

And as I said in my last post the Labour and Conservative Parties have started to attack the Lib Dems in the hope of pulling them back under the political blanket, kicking them towards the end of the Capitalist bed that they all divvy up in, but its not just the other leaders who are having a dig at poor old Clegg, for latter on the same day at a meeting with educatees, he apparently told a student heckler to ‘pipe down’. Politics student Chris Williams, 18 challenged Clegg for trying to portray himself as a ‘man of the people’ who was down with the workers’ who all the time had enjoyed the best in life a wealthy upbringing and was the son of wait for it – a banker. This young fiery dragon then added: ‘you went to private school and then on to Cambridge. So what really makes you any different from David Cameron?’

So I’m wondering is this political bling bling about to fall of Clegg?

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