Friday, 2 April 2010


The Hackney Housing Group will fast on Friday 9th April 11 am – 6.30.
The Hackney housing group, who are homeless people and people in bad housing, are fasting for one day outside Hackney Town Hall. Come and give us support!
There will be free children’s activities all day in the town hall square -come and get involved!

At 6 pm there will be a free meal and demonstration outside Hackney Town Hall in support of our demands. We will be breaking our fast with a free meal in Hackney Town Hall Square.
Contact Hackney Housing Group for more information on –

07931 698 438 or 0207 247 6101

Why are we fasting?

Nearly 2000 Hackney residents are in temporary accommodation, while 17, 604 households are in overcrowded, unsuitable accommodation and urgently need to move. Yet Boris Johnson has just awarded Hackney Council £1.3 million to refurbish Kingsland Road as part of the city’s improvements for the 2012 Olympics!

Instead of spending our money on cosmetic improvements, we’re asking Hackney Council to look at housing conditions; stop trimming the gardens and consider the broken, mouldy, dirty homes people are forced to live in.
We are asking for support from all parts of the community. Please consider signing your organisations name to the Housing Group’s demands which are in brief:
We demand more social housing. The Council must spend what resources they have on social housing, not ‘affordable’ housing and increase their social housing stock.

We demand that the Council’s housing and overcrowding strategies must be rewritten. They do not meet our needs. Hackney's strategy for 'affordable housing' will help none of us. Affordable housing is not affordable!

The Housing group’s demands can be read at

We would be honoured if you would attend and /or help us publicise this important event. Let’s make the council see that improvements need to be made for the community, not just tourists!

Guest Post: London Campaign Against Poverty
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