Saturday, 10 April 2010

Hung Parliament...

I've just read that Clare Short has said and thinks that a Hung Parliament, would be a good thing for the country. Short said the Labour Party had "considerably lost its way" and Parliament was "broken". Short is not standing in the election and the former international development secretary who quit the Labour party over the Iraq war and sat as an independent is leaving Parliament after 27 years as an MP.
Muddying the waters or is this just bitterness on her part, or both?

"The Labour party has considerably lost its way. The state of the Commons is terrible. No one goes in the chamber.
"Everything is guillotined. You can't get any time to make a substantial speech. Nobody listens to anybody. It's miserable.
"It's in very bad shape, this Parliament, as we leave.
"I think a hung Parliament would be terribly good for us because it would bring some power back to the chamber."

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