Monday, 12 April 2010

The future is still for socialism

The Door out of Darkness into the Light

Disappointments, I think should never stand in our way, even whilst the last hundred years and more of working class struggle has left capitalism firmly in power.

We know that Labour governments did not enact socialism, but has gone from trying to reform capitalism, to running the system on its behalf and all too often were indistinguishable from intentionally pro-capitalist governments, especially during the last 13 years of New Labour.

I have known of many who have felt deserted and betrayed, dropping out and burying their heads hoping that our problems will somehow disappear, the thing is they won’t!

As New Labour unveils their election manifesto later today, we the true socialists in the world should resolve to never ever give up the struggle, now is not the time to give up opposing capitalism. What we need is clearer thinking and a more genuinely honest revolutionary organisation built throughout the world for real change. I say that because capitalism is a world system and has to be defeated and replaced globally.

If ever Marx’s analysis was proved correct it is now. This is no time to cast aside Marxian analysis.

Capitalism is in a global crisis. The international market is in a condition of anarchy which is beyond the control of governments or economists.

As well as increasing world poverty, mass unemployment and wars, the system faces widespread environmental destruction, the growth of the racist virus, uncontrollable urban violence as we have seen recently here in Britain. If this is not a system in need of total abolition, then what else is there to do with it?

Reforming capitalism is a waste of time. The only way is out of it – to a new, untried social system.

Global production for profit must be replaced by production solely for use. The ownership of society’s productive resources by the super-rich minority must give way to common ownership. The dictatorship of capital, its control over all are lives, must give way to democratic control. These are not new ways of running capitalism. These are way of running a sane society without capitalism.

Now, as ever, the socialist alternative cannot be imposed by leaders or legislated for gradually by reformers. The revolutionary act of overthrowing capitalism and establishing socialism must be the conscious and democratic act of the working class: the vast majority of us who do not live on rent, interest or profit.

The future belongs to the working class majority throughout the world.
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