Friday, 2 April 2010

A flutter on the donkeys

This time next week and for sure, we will all know the date of the long awaited general election, expected and looking like 6 May. Now we await the formal launch of the campaign following the expected announcement at about 11am on Tuesday morning.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not looking forward to it, in fact I’m already suffering from fatigue, that’s extreme fatigue". I’m fed up with listening to the daily dribble emanating from the movers and bootlickers of British capitalism, and we have three more whole weeks of this inseparable intensification.

This is one election that’s taken one hell of a long take-off from the runway, and can’t say that I’ve ever quite known anything like this. However I must admit that I’m looking forward to election night and the results coming in from around the country and will probably stay up for this great event, especially with the cliffhanging possibility of a hung parliament.

I’ve been thinking about making it more interesting by having a little flutter on the outcome of a few seats, but need to do some homework on that. I read today that the bookies Ladbrokes in Gt. Tower Street, East London, were offering odds of 7/1 today for George Galloway the Respect MP to win the seat, 3rd favourite. With the Labour and Tory candidates, Jim Fitzpatrick and Tim Archer placed at 10/11 and evens respectively, a long way ahead.

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