Thursday, 8 April 2010

Child Finger Printing

I've stopped reading the local and national newspapers for a considerable time now, only because I just could not believe all the iniquity and injustice I was reading about.

We have all read it, but do you, like me, get wound up when you read it or have you learnt to become immune! I have tried but I'm failing miserably. I just cannot work out where justice starts and where it ends, and this word ‘democracy’ that is brandished and thrown at us by politicians all the time, what does it mean, My definition, or what I have been led to believe, ( By the people for the people) or I must have it completely wrong, I just don’t see it.

What I do consider, is that civil liberties and human rights are systematically being stripped away, like a thief in the night stripping the lead of the church roof, there one day, then you get up in the morning and it is gone.

Law of the land

Let’s look at one or two of these relatively new laws of the land interpretations, the minimum amount of force.

A female O.A.P. bravely goes out to confront youths throwing stones at her house, she pokes one of the hoodies in the chest with her finger, and she gets arrested and prosecuted for assault.

An experienced sergeant in the London Police Force back hands a female protester then proceeds to take out his metal truncheon and strikes her, he is taken to court for assault, he is let off as the prosecution could not disprove that the officer believed she had a weapon, what kind of a judicial decision is this?

The British judicial system, said to be the best in the world, that means these days, as long as Police Officers believes someone has a weapon they can proceed to beat up civilians, Ian Tomlinson and Jean Charles De Menezes both come to mind.

Tony Martin in April 2000 was given a life sentence for shooting a burglar on his property? If he had said, I believe they had weapons would that have been case dismissed, somehow I don’t think so.

Parents are not allowed to smack their children when being naughty and teachers are not allowed to put a plaster on a child if they cut themselves, so why is it lawful when authorities take fingerprints of our children at school and are not obligated to tell us? The revelation comes as teachers warned schools are routinely taking children's fingerprints without permission from their parents.
As many as 3,500 schools take biometric data from pupils to speed up basic administration such as buying canteen lunches or borrowing library books. Hank Roberts, an executive member of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, said civil liberties were being eroded.

"There has been a severe diminution of civil liberties and freedoms in this country and we face the danger of more and worse to come."
The Magna Carter, 1215 King John and all that, my father took me to see it when I was a little boy in Lincoln Cathedral, my native city, I still remember him explaining to me what that piece of parchment was, (the rights of common man) How it came about and how important it is, but more important was his sense of pride in him telling me this, as the years passed I came to realise more about that piece of paper and what it really meant - just plain nothing!

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Chris H said...

Not sure the Magna Carta is all it's cracked up to be. My understanding is that it was primarily a document ensuring the rights of the Barons, with the rights of the common man trailing in a distant fourth, behind property. It did lay the foundations of Habeus Corpus but that bnow seems to have been ushered out of the back door in our 'war against terrorism'. As you said though, 'I came to realise more about that piece of paper and what it really meant - just plain nothing!'

More fingerprintery in the Telegraph today with the police asking pawn shops to get a thumbprint whever anyone comes in to trade some goods. Seems to me that they're at the wrong end of town though, the biggest thefts are happening in The City.

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