Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Barking the possible abyss of political hell!

Now when I think about it I feel like, well, a squashed fried chip butty. What I mean is that I live in the London Borough of Newham and on ether side of me are the London Borough’s of Tower Hamlets and Barking and I’m sandwiched between the two.

During the course of these elections, both local and national in London, it could be that we see some new political developments in these very locations. For instance Respect will be defending their foothold of an MP and gains they made on the local Tower Hamlets Council 4 years ago, that’s 12 councillors given one or two defections over the last couple of years to both the Labour and Conservative groups, they have a real fight on their hands. However in Barking and Dagenham the BNP is already the official opposition and only needs 20 or so more councillors to take overall control of its first-ever council. It’s almost midway there, currently holding 15 seats.

Then add to that the manifestation and in the persona of BNP leader Nick Griffin challenging for the Barking parliamentary seat, currently held by the hapless Margaret Hodge. Do you begin to see my chip butty scenario?

So far the electoral successes of the BNP have still left them on the margins of influence even though they won two seats in the European Parliament last year and a seat on the London Assembly two years before that, but if they gain control of a London borough this would not only provide them with control of a budget of hundreds of millions of pounds, but it would also allow them to implement some of their deeply racist and repugnant policies. I cannot postulate the sequence of possible events to come during this election or its consequential aftermath, but let’s say that this possesses the makings of a very grave accent in to the possible abyss of political hell, a place of pain and turmoil if the BNP were to make a major breakthrough here, with very serous consequences not just for the people of Barking but for us all!
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