Wednesday, 14 April 2010

All for the love of money...

Of course there is nothing new in business's backing political parties in the world of mainstream politics, they use their excess and surplus profits to buy into and influence the political agenda for their own ends. The so-called entrepreneurs and captains of industry (what’s left of them in the UK) have recently been falling over each other, only too willing to sign letters in support of Conservative policies, and yet they and their Banking sponsors are responsible for the economic mess that has slung millions out of work not just in the UK but throughout the world, with such consequences leading to homelessness and grinding poverty.

Michael Anthony Ashcroft, or better known simply as Lord Ashcroft and his millions comes to mind, with an estimated fortune of £1.1 billion he is a major donor to Conservative Party, his cash being used to fund the election campaigns of Tory candidates he has chosen personally to support in marginal constituencies up and down the country.

And then only today it’s been revealed that Alan Sugar has donated £400,000 to the Labour Party. Now Lord Sugar after he was appointed enterprise tsar has said the money was to help with ‘campaign costs’ - Oh yes Sugar, why not pull the other one it has bells on it!

Years ago in Scunthorpe a millionaire businessman who ran a string of butcher shops was for a long time a leading councillor for the Labour Party, until he fell out and joined the SDP winning and retaining for many years a handful of seats on the council, now this guy was very clever, he used his business to promote his politics, by producing carrier bags with the SDP logo printed on them, a customer would go into one of his shops purchase some meat and then walk around the town advertising the SDP, needless to say this soon got up the nose of the local Labour Party, who in turn reported this to the electoral commission. However the millionaire businessman was able to get off the hook by explaining that SDP merely stood for ‘special discount prices’.

So as we can see, if you have enough money then you may be able to make the world go around, and especially if you’re a capitalist with plenty of wedge!
William Hill the bookmakers have become the first business to sponsor a political party, they are backing the Monster Raving Loony Party, which will add the Hill name to its own, so in this election they will be known as the Monster Raving William Hill Loony Party.
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