Saturday, 27 March 2010

what goes round comes round for Murdoch!

Most modern-day British Newspapers are crap (pardon my French), but of course, what I mean is they are of very poor quality in comparison to what they use to be like, and not so long ago. So what to make of the decision that News International has announced that The Times Online web site will begin charging for content as of this June?

The pace of change and new technology seems to be moving sometimes, at a berth taking speed, the internet in particular has changed much in all our lives, information, communication, banking, shopping, education and so on. I do suppose that list is endless, and with all manner of new devices like smart-phones and iPod’s appearing almost daily on the market offering full web page access anywhere with up-to date content, and so publishers are frantically trying to make as much money as they can before everyone can access everything for nothing through a single touch screen device, PC or laptop computer.

From June onwards you will have to pay £1 per day or £2 per week in order to view the cognitive content currently offered for free on the Times Online web site, originally outlined last year by Rupert Murdoch himself in a bid he claimed to protect original content from being copied and re-written again and again across the web. Whether that is the only reason for the new charge is not debatable me thinks’, as the publishing industry tires to compete with the free information phenomenon that is the World Wide Web, well its not exactly that free or accessible to all!

However, I howl and roar with delight, whenever I see or hear Murdoch whingeing about the decline of his empireor the loss of profit, remembering that he used "Fortress Wapping" and a long-running and bitter dispute to de-recognise (smash) unions, enabling the company to use an alternative workforce and new technology in newspaper production. Journalists could input copy directly, reducing the need for labour in the print halls and cutting costs. We would all do well not to forget that, what goes round, comes round and for Murdoch too!
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