Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Magic Roundabout

Most of us realize that we are in for a bad time after the election, the question is, who will be at the helm, and will it be Dougal, Florence or Zebedee. And to be honest, when I contemplate and look at the possibilities, well it just scares the hell out of me.

Just let us think about this for a while? When you look at them, who are the men and women and the party of the moment, who is the person with a vision? Or do we need a new type of politician, possibly a new type of politics, a new way of doing things, notice that I use the term ‘doing’ rather than running.

Everything has a progression, an evolvement, an evolution, the evolution of the planet, evolution of life, evolution of man. But just look at the evolution of our politicians, and let’s start with that recent Tory poster and the close-up picture shows a Tory leader with flawless skin, perfect hair . . . and wearing an open-necked shirt with no tie.

This was the image with which David Cameron launched a presidential-style election campaign that he hopes will sweep him into No.10. The Tories denied suggestions that the photograph - feature on hundreds of 15ft-wide posters as part of a £500,000 nationwide advertising campaign - had undergone major airbrushing to enhance Cameron's appearance.

And then an official conceded there may have been minor touching up.

The poster was reminiscent of Tony Blair’s campaign launch in 1997 which appeared on the cover of Labour's manifesto wearing an open-necked blue shirt.

All our politicians (a dirty word these days) have come to a shuddering full stop, when last did we have a leap forward in the organic evolution of politicians, we have had Conservatives and the Liberals (Pink Tories) as it seems since time began, the Conservatives as always trying their best to do what the word implies con and serve the greedy class they represent, and if there had been no evolution forced by the working class through their organisations in the past, we would still be tipping our hats and working sixteen hour days to keep our masters happy. However the Labour Party has now well and truly joined those parties competing to run capitalism and keep that system intact, this is unmistakable the last 13 years is testament to that.

Carline Benn say’s in the introduction to her book on Keir Hardie that it would be difficult to imagine what his opinion would be of the Labour Party that was first elected in 1997 and that he would be surprised that so many of the country’s rich and powerful have ended up supporting them.

I think he must be turning in his grave, because where has that entire struggle for and by the working classes ended up.

That’s a question that we should all consider very carefully as we move towards the general election in the weeks to come, because one thing should now be clear about capitalism – it can never be made to work in the interests of the workers anywhere in the world. It is based (as it has always been) on their poverty and exploitation and can only work in the interests of the privileged owning class!

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