Thursday, 11 March 2010

Have you got a light boy!

Today we can all see the smokers standing outside the pubs, clubs and places of work grabbing a quick smoke. I happen to live near a large NHS hospital and drive past regular, along with the fact I’m a regular visitor attending for treatment with my partner being an out-patient. I just get wound up, every time I drive past or visit, why? Well because I am witness to the young, middle aged, old, male, female, the walking, and the wounded, standing, sitting, pushed, and held up in good or bad weather, sunshine, snow or frost. I’ve seen ladies in there long night gowns and slippers, people of all ages in wheel chairs, even a middle aged man standing, holding a chrome gadget on wheels with a drip, all, not at the same time of course. At the main entrance's to the hospital, doing what? Having a ciggy, one more coffin nail, they no longer are allowed inside NHS property to have their puff.

I am not a smoker anymore, but I think that this treatment just stinks!

This is my line of thought: All this is good for the non smoker's and I respect all there wishes and displeasures; passive smoke, bad smells and so on. But the National Health Service still belongs to the people that pay for it, the tax payer; I know certain political parties are trying their best to get it into private ownership. But that word is still there ‘National’ so would the majority of people in our democracy follow government guidelines and ostracise the smokers… Well yes we have done, and just to give you all a thought, the average age or life expectancy for a man is 77 and a woman is 81, and yet the inequalities in life expectancy are persisting across the UK, as figures from the Office for National Statistics have revealed. The South East, South West and East of England continued to have the highest life expectancies at birth, the statistics for 2006-08 showed.

Figures are lowest in Scotland and in the North West and North East of England.

For males, there is a difference of 4.2 years between the South East, which had the highest life expectancy (79.2 years), and Scotland, where life expectancy is lowest (75 years).

For females, the corresponding gap between the South West (83.1 years) and Scotland (79.9 years) is 3.2 years.

The area with the lowest male life expectancy was Glasgow City (70.7 years), 13.6 years lower than Kensington and Chelsea.

This gap has widened by 0.7 years from 12.9 years in 2005-07.

For females, Kensington and Chelsea also had the highest life expectancy at birth (88.9 years), 11.7 years higher than Glasgow City, the area with the lowest figure (77.2 years).

This gap increased by 1.0 years from 10.7 years in 2005-07.

Smoking like it or loath it is one thing, but what about poor diet? It is estimated that almost 70,000 deaths could be avoided every year if Britons followed healthy eating guidelines government reports have stated in the past. The nation's poor diet costs the economy £10 billion, of which £7.7 billion comprises NHS treatment. Obesity in Britain, with 60 per cent of the population expected to be overweight by 2050, compared with 28 per cent today, and 70 per cent of girls and 55 per cent of boys expected to be overweight or obese in 40 years' time that could be avoided if people cut down on fatty and salty foods and ate more fresh fruit and vegetables, but the problem is affordability!

The problem is having the money to pay for this healthy food and lifestyle?

Those who die prematurely would have lived for almost 10 years longer if they were able to adhere to a healthy food intake, and then there’s obesity in Britain, with 60 per cent of the population expected to be overweight by 2050, compared with 28 per cent today, and 70 per cent of girls and 55 per cent of boys expected to be overweight or obese in 40 years' time.

With the recession in full swing and a government that has failed to tackle the real courses of child poverty, it would not surprise me in the least if the life expectancies of our children, began to full. And I started off whining about the so-called nanny state and smoking, twenty years ago did anybody care about smokers, think about it, who brought this segregation on and what’s the real reasons if it’s not control, who will be next as we watch the onslaught on the beer and wine drinkers. Whose next; people suffering and fighting a drug addiction, perhaps those with HIV or Cancer, and why stop there, why not attack the unemployed, the homeless for this is not hypothetical or conjectural…It’s happening now!
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