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Fuel protest threat looms over general election!

The rising world oil prices have only proven that the Chancellor, that Governments throughout the world have no control whatsoever over the profiteering of the oil producers.

In last week's budget petrol duty was set to rise from this coming Thursday by 1p a litre with a further 1p rise this October and the balance of 0.76 p from January next year.

Alistair Darling has done little more than stagger the pain at the pumps for the motorist, and let’s not forget that the rising costs will be passed on to all through higher food prices and so on it goes!

So Diesel and Petrol prices are on the rise again, when or where it is going to stop, I am going to tell you… It won’t!

The system has got us by the short and curly’s and they are really going to turn the screws, just like apples under the press to make cider, and that’s been clobbered by the budget, but then again just like grapes under foot, you would think that the economic crises this country is going through, you would have thought that we would get a bit of a break, but, no chance, this fuel hike is going to hurt us all, If we were in a prison cell, and were being squeezed this hard, it would be classed as torture?

In Sept 2000, I gave support to the then fuel protests, which was reportedly supported by 76% of the British public. I was at the Immingham oil Refinery of Connoco every day after work and all day Saturday and Sunday with my partner, a flask and sandwich's in support of the protest, but typical of the public, it takes a long time to get them warmed up, the first day I arrived, there was two tankers and one car, lots of people driving past and honking their horns, but not a lot of bodies, the next day I took a few friends with cars to help build the thin line of protesters, after then the line grew thicker and longer with each passing day, and when the weekend came it was great, hundreds of people, lorries’, tanker's, tractors, cars, music playing and a couple of Bar B Q's, then going home late to listen to all the rhetoric, and spin put out on the news by Tony Blair and Company. All the stories spun out that the protesters were holding the country to ransom and emergency services were being denied fuel, lies and more dam lies.

Fossil fuel has become the life blood of most modern day and western societies, our way of life, our survival in the world of today; and this fuel has become as important as the food and water we eat and drink, but the taxes being imposed on us is becoming just too much. The economics of fuel has become close to untenable to the man in the street, and soon we won’t be able to afford to go to work at this rate, almost all of us use transport to get to work, train, bus, car, motor bike, taxi, and it is all pay, pay and pay. The motorist has become Britain's biggest industry, why? Because we are the most vulnerable, we need transport to support ourselves and our families, transport is like the red corpuscles in the blood of the country, flowing along the motorways, highways, and byways, the veins that supply our vital organs, the towns, villages and cities, if that break down then what?

Fuel protest threat looms over general election

Road hauliers and farmers are threatening to hold protests over high fuel prices ahead of the general election next month. There is a planned fuel strike on Saturday 1st May, designed to impact the proposed UK General Election on May 6th.

Post by: Brian Hopper or In the Box


Anonymous said...

We now pay 63% tax on a litre of fuel this means by filling up your car with £25 of fuel you pay £9.25
for the fuel and £15.75 to the government this is made up of VAT and fuel duty and then the Government charges you VAT on the Fuel duty!! So they are putting tax on tax the more I think of this the more I think of the word SUCKER! lets protest join 'Eric's fuel protest' get your FREE poster from network2day co uk or com and stick it in the back of your car van or truck and send it to all your friends. The reason why this
happens is simple People do not relies how much tax they pay on petrol, ask five no ask ten people and see if they know how much tax they pay, if we advertise the fact it will become a major headache for the government and we can
stop this day light robbery I think they have just pushed us to BL…Y far

Anonymous said...

its no good moaning about it somthing needs to be done about it which ever party is in next will not alter they all do good spins but only to line there own pockets fuel prices tax everything that afects the working man dose not affect them as we pay for there luxurys and life styles it will never change not for the good anyway ?

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