Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Disabled people wrongly denied benefits by New Labour

Thousands of seriously ill and disabled people who are unable to work are being wrongly denied benefits, a report by Citizens Advice Bureau has claimed.

This only serves to highlight the extent to which New Labour during the course of the last 13 years has travelled along the rocky road of running a capitalist state in the interests of the capitalist system. I will spare the lambasting or bawling out about the trillions received by the banks, but this really gets my goat that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and under Labour can swoop so low in an attack and pounce on those with conditions such as autism, learning disabilities and Multiple Sclerosis, when in a sane society these very people would be looked after.

Backed by 18 other bodies, the bureau says people are "effectively being written off" as the government's aim is of moving people into low paid work.

DWP figures revealed that of those who applied, 68% were considered fit for work.

Meanwhile, between October and December last year, 22,618 people sought advice about ESA, Citizens Advice says.

The DWP said that from next year, doctors would assess 10,000 claimants of long-term sickness every week according to what they can do, not what they cannot.
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