Sunday, 28 March 2010

Bloggers never on their own!

By the time I’ve posted this we will be in British summer time, not that it will feel like summer, this somewhat extended and ever so long winter seems to just go on with no end in sight as of yet. However I just wanted to say a few things about this blog and not the weather. Sometimes when I sit as it seems frustrated, even at times angry at the world in which we live, and in front of my computer, I find I’m asking myself am I on my own, am I the only one that sees so much which is wrong, and then I look at my blogroll and find always the answer in the fourteen or so blog links that belong to the comrades, and I do say friends who are part of this Socialist aggregation, a fraternity of brother and sisterhood holding up the torch of enlightenment working to win and bring about badly needed change to the lives of the million throughout the world.

And as I said in my last post on the scum-bag Rupert Murdoch and his gamble to charge for internet access to his titles, starting with the Times Online, but can you imagine anyone paying to view the Sun, well maybe some pervert I do suppose! Well the point is he (Murdoch) can do that if he likes and others may follow, but one thing that has crossed my mind is that this can only benefit us bloggers in the long run as people surf the internet for information and come across socialist blogs. I already think that blogs are the 21 century equivalent to the old soap box and the street meeting's used by socialist pioneers of the past, and I’m really pleased that the Socialist Way is connected to some of the best British blogs, I shall not cause embarrassment and name any, but they are all excellent.

However if I may just welcome David Oster and Though Cowards Flinch (a great name) two new additions to the blogroll and also thank them for adding the Socialist Way to their respective sites, a big thank you comrades, and reminding me we are not on our own in the world!

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