Friday, 12 March 2010

The bankers lied!

One small post before I prepare for my fortnightly trip to the dole office, a snippet from an excellent article in todays Guardian by Simon Jenkins and I recommend it!

The bankers lied. And Darling, a mere puppet on their string, knows it Britain has paid a horrific price for allowing the City to dictate credit policy. Yet there is no inquiry, no questioning, only silence.

Still no inquiry. Still no answers. A trillion pounds has been devoted over the past 18 months to protect Britain's financial system from alleged Armageddon, with not a murmur of value for money. This stupefying sum is more than has ever been spent on any project by any government in British history.

We know where the money came from but we do not know if it was necessary, nor who now has it. We know only that, a year on, Britain is experiencing a worse recession than any comparable country. The lack of accountability, the sheer lack of curiosity from the political community, is amazing.

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