Monday, 22 March 2010

Air Pollution Killing Thousands...

Government ministers whilst taking backhanders from lobbyists of business, commercial or industrial enterprises, have been saying for years; that local air quality across the UK has improved significantly in recent years - for example since 1990 emissions of sulphur dioxide has been reduced by 86% and particulates by 49%.

Outdoor air pollution can cause a variety of short-term health effects and can contribute to or aggravate chronic health conditions.
And yet the Commons' own environmental audit committee has said that minister’s failure to tackle air pollution is cutting average life expectancy by up to eight months. It found the government is not doing enough to tackle air pollution on Britain's streets.

"Air pollution probably causes more deaths than passive smoking, traffic accidents or obesity, yet it receives very little attention from government or the media," committee chairman Tim Yeo said.

"In the worst affected areas this invisible killer could be taking years off the lives of people most at risk, such as those with asthma.

"The large EU fines we face, if we don't get to grips with this problem, should now focus ministers' minds. Much more needs to be done to save lives and reduce the enormous burden air pollution is placing on the NHS."

In the worst-polluted areas vulnerable people's lives could be cut by as much as nine years!

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the dramatic imagery is a little misleading, what comes out of a Nuclear Cooling Tower is Water Vapor, not atmospheric pollutants.

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