Thursday, 18 February 2010

The World - The Point is to Change It!

I’ve decided today that the time has now arrived for me to pay a return visit to Scunthorpe; the Town where I grew up, it’s a place that for me holds many memories, in the early 1970s I cut my political milk teeth there, on the journey of my life.

The journey, my life’s journey from Scunthorpe to Canning Town has been jammed packed to the rim with experience and an uncanny habit of being in the thick of it at times. I’ve given up or lost more than most people do in a lifetime, in my attempt to stand fast and reach out with others to make and demand that our world becomes a much better place for the human race. During the last few days, somehow I’ve found myself in a political hole, and have had to take some time out from blogging to think things through, and that’s through and through, big time!

The Socialist Way the blog that I started almost two years ago, and now joined in joint ownership with Brain Hopper has relinquished any connections with any political organisation, and without wishing to waste time with unimportant details, this blog is now a totally independent entry in cyberspace.

We will continue to work with all genuine advocates of change, whether they are Anarchist or Socialist, playing our small part in defeating the ideological defenders of capitalism. We are proud to promote and hope to continue to work with such blogs as Lansbury's Lido, who we respect as a Christian Radical Socialist, and the other blog links we promote. In the next few day’s Brain Hopper and I plan to publish our position in regard to the forthcoming General Election. In the meantime we would like to take this opportunity to send out our sincere socialist greetings to the world’s working class with this famous quotation: The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point, however, is to change it ~ Karl Marx

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