Monday, 8 February 2010

Who says boys don’t cry?

What a weekend I’ve had; yesterday my mum made herself absolutely clear, that she considered all politicians to be crooks and criminals, and she wasn’t going to vote for any of them. The phone I held in my hand was vibrating with anger from this 74 year old, and I would imagine her views are held by many as we run up to the general election.

And also this weekend with careful co-ordination the press was fed details of Gordon Browns appearance on Piers Morgan’s show “Life Stories”. It emerged that Brown had wept when discussing the death of his daughter Jennifer, who died in 2002, a few weeks after her premature birth.

What’s wrong with that you may ask?

There’s nothing wrong with any parent being upset at the death of a little one. And please rest assured, it’s not our intension here to make any judgment on Brown in relation to the death of his daughter. However, we can’t help wondering about what he previously had to say; and seen by many as criticizing David Cameron for drawing on his family and David Cameron’s references to his son Ivan, both before and after the latter’s death in February 2009. For example telling Radio 4:

“I am as open and honest as possible. I don’t parade my family around the place. I came from a pretty ordinary background in Scotland.”

The Piers Morgan interview has opened up Brown to criticism for the deployment and the high public manner in which Brown’s emotions have been displayed.

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HarpyMarx said...

But this is what gets to me about the recent spate of the boohoos, the fact Brown uses personal tragedy to show us what precisely? That he is a caring and sharing man. It just seems to be used in a cynical manner and that's a real low in my books. Same with Campbell, he cries, but what he is crying for, the 'orrible Andrew Marr questioning him, defending his 'onourable mate Bliar, crying for himself (woe is me)? He certainly wasn't crying for the thousand upon thousands of Iraqis who died in a war based on lies, lies and more damn lies. Now that's something to cry about!

Norbert said...

Thanks HarpyMarx,

I'm in utter agreement with you and especially about Campbell. When Blair became leader and ushered-in the New Labour thing, I well remember saying often at ward meetings of the Scunthorpe Labour Party, that it will all end in tears! I was not wrong!

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