Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Railroaded and Dragooned

Railroaded and dragooned were the precise words that passed through my mind the other day as my partner and I drove around looking for a place to park.

Most of us realize from time to time, that in our modern day society, we all get railroaded into many things, but the situation I was in was beyond a joke.

We were visiting our local Hospital in Scunthorpe trying to keep an important appointment, and all the surrounding road's, main and side had double yellow lines on both sides, hence nowhere to park, once onto N H S grounds, double red line's everywhere, the upshot was nowhere to park. The Highway Code states, double red lines, no parking at any time under any circumstances” or words to that effect. Once getting onto the Hospital car park, and after reading when, were, and how we had to pay, I then had to double check the white line's of the parking bays so as to be sure that none off my tyres were touching them or my vehicle would be clamped for certain and I would be fined. All these lines, all these threats, if we don't tow the line and park where we are told or we are made to pay for it. And that’s what it's all about, pay, pay and pay! Getting the public to pay for it yet again and for what they have all ready paid for in the first place, isn’t it good here I said to my partner.


I do not know about anyone else, but I get really uptight with it all. I think about that T.V. Advert that shows the young couple after a night out getting their car crushed for not renewing their road tax, it’s well out of order in my book. Only the capitalist system can threaten to do damage to property and get away with it.

I was in business myself, well what I mean is I was a self-employed car mechanic, more a labour of love than anything else, and a few people chalked up some debt, owing for work done, and although I needed the money like the next man if only to pay my own bills, but I could not threaten to smash up their property, for one thing I would have been prosecuted myself, and if you are £20 short paying your community charge or you owe any part of the system, you are in deep trouble, threatening letters, the bailiff is coming to take your goods, you could be taken to court, And you will have a black mark on your credit rating. But what really gets my goat, is we all accept it… WHY? When things could be done much differently!

Post By: Brian Hopper or In the Box

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