Saturday, 20 February 2010


Health Secretary, Andy Burnham is trying to work NEW LABOURS latest (Scam) stratagem, not happy that last year 45,000 elderly people had to dig into their lifetimes savings or even sell their homes to help pay for their health care, and let’s not forget that these are the individuals that battled, defended and brought us through the aftermath of the second world war, they carried on that struggle through the hard times of poverty and the ration books.

Not what my country can do for me, but what I can do for my country the words of President, John, F .Kennedy come to mind here, but they did do for their country, with blood, sweat, tears and all. And now after all their purposeful and industrious endeavours’ the politicians have come to realize that all that hard work, struggle and saving that they selfishly did for family and the next generation, has necessitated that their property and equity has increased in value, believed to be in the region of one TRILLION POUNDS.

And they the bailing-out the banks political class, want it! £20,000 death duty, I hope the people of this country, will not let this happen, this attempt to deprive by deceit!

THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM is failing us all!

The National Deficit has been brought about by the same 10% of the people that run and own the country, now they want the people that rebuilt the country in the hard times after the war, to do it all again in death, how much lower can they sink!

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