Monday, 1 February 2010

Happy Brithday Dole Office

There prevails an anniversary that has almost gone a miss, and I would have missed its composed and calm passing if it had not been for a friend mentioning the fact that the dole office is 100 years old today. They did not say anything to me on Friday when I was in Canning Town JobCentre Plus for my own fortnightly visit; it’s not everyday you turn into a centenarian, and I may have considered sending a birthday card, but then again £54.60 a week doesn’t go that far these days, and I am waiting for the winter heating bills to hit the doormat with trepidation!

Well I just wanted to bring this anniversary to the attention of those who read this blog, because I am sure that at some time or other you may have experienced the reality of unemployment the difficulties in making ends meet between jobs, the austerity of a life waiting for a break before treading that mill once again. I recommend read this from the Times here and  from the BBC here.
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Chris H said...

100 years or not, I wouldn't wish a professional visit to the job centre on my worst enemy. Bankers excepted. Too many years signing on under Thatcher have left their barely noticeable yet deeply entrenched mark.

And the strange thing is, there really is no need for a place like a job centre!

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