Monday, 8 February 2010

crocodile tears!

This photo was taken by a cell phone it shows an Afghan child who was allegedly killed during a US- led raid in Azizabad village of Shindand district of Herat province west of Kabul, Afghanistan. The bodies of at least 10 children and many more adults were covered in blankets and shrouds. I've put it up here with another image of the war that Britain participates in; because these are the innocent whose blood is shed and spilt  without any political leader here or in the US spilling a single tear of concern. I post them on my blog because despite being upsetting and horrific they bring home at least to me, the murder that a vast majority of our elected (not all) representatives have had a hand in, who consoled and comforted their parents then, not tearful Brown or Campbell nor 'I've no regrets' Blair!     

And this a war injured child.

Please read the comments on the last post.

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