Monday, 18 January 2010

A Plague on all our homes!"

During the past two and a bit years the capitalist world has been going through phases of the most server economic crisis. Crises are not, indeed, any new experience for capitalism. Here in the UK, which as we all know was the first country to establish a capitalist system of production, and the consequential system of the distribution of almost all products by means of exchange mediated by money, has experienced many of them. My own best description of them would be, they are like economic earthquakes, and like earthquakes they have devastating consequences, as we have seen in Haiti; many made homeless displaced and lost all worldly processions. Well a real earthquake such as the one in Haiti have claimed much life with  buildings reduced to rubble is no joking mater, but there are similarities in economic earthquakes; in as much as people lose homes, jobs and the means to support themselves. In an economic earthquake for the ordinary family it's impact can be as great as an actual ground-trembler make no mistake! The hole that opens up can take everything, and some have been driven to such dissolute dejection and complete despair that life has been lost. Last year researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London and the University of Oxford examined economic downturns over the past 30 years and concluded that when unemployment rose by 3%, there was a corresponding increase of 4.5% in the number of suicides among people under 65. The medical journal the Lancet,  concluded that people who lose their jobs during a rescission  are at greater risk of suicide – and that for the least well-educated, the risks are even higher.

In a recent post here on this blog we discovered through the comments, that working people are paying the real price when an economic crisis descends;  like a 'Bat from Hell' bringing a plague on all our homes. We have seen and heard much about those amongst us; who have lost homes, jobs and much more bedsides. But lets just consider the plight of our fellow workers in the US where millions have lost their homes and this comment that was posted on this blog two days ago:

"A record 2.82 million homes faced foreclosure foreclosed in 2009, according to RealtyTrac, a web-based firm that tracks and markets foreclosed homes. It is anticipated that at least 3 million more homes will enter foreclosure in 2010.

Last year saw an increase of 21 percent in the number of homes in foreclosure from 2008, in spite of President Barack Obama’s much-vaunted “housing rescue.” In all, 1 in 45 US homes was subject to at least one foreclosure filing, or 2.21 percent of all homes, compared with 1.84 percent in 2008, 1.03 percent in 2007, and 0.58 percent in 2006, according to RealtyTrac’s “Year-End 2009 Foreclosure Market Report.” The report compiles the number of separate homes that received default notices, faced foreclosure auctions, or were repossessed by banks."

The latest foreclosure statistics are indisputable proof that President Obama’s “Making Home Affordable Act,” launched in March, has done nothing to lessen the housing crisis. The $75 billion program offered banks rich incentives to renegotiate payment plans, but ruled out reductions in mortgage principal, or outstanding loan balances. The banks refuse to take any loss on these vastly overvalued loans, and worst still 7 million properties are all going to go back to the banks, and lets face it they always knew that one day they would come to them, as they do time and again, changing hands many times over.

If I were an alien looking in on Earth, and seeing the many being forced to pitch tents up alongside rivers or in parks all over America. I think I would soon come to the conclusion very quickly that this planet and its inharmonious inhabitants are a bit crazy the way they run things, and I'd leave some crop circles and then get the hell out of it!

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j. said...

I'm from the United States and things here are starting to feel like the beginning of the Grapes of Wrath. The scariest thing about is most Americans have some how totally forgot that it was neoliberal policies that have gotten us to this place and are blaming socialism, which obvioulsy is crazy cause the US is in no way socialist. The scariest part about all this is that people are started to beleive it, and the teabagger movement has gotten the working class not just supporting but FIGHTING to keep power in the hands of the rich. Its a scary place to live...

Norbert said...

Dear j.

Thank you first of all for bothering and going to the great trouble of sending us a comment, and all the way from the the US which we very much appreciate, and then secondly we would say that the information and knowledge that we have which is always second-hand coming from the capitalist press, is that matters for working people in the US are a great deal more worrisome than what many really understand; and the same can be said for those honest hard-working family's here in the UK.

We think that the US is in front of us when it come to the the hardship stakes if you consider that an estimated 2.5 million workers have been cut off from jobless benefits since June 1, and the toll mounts by 50,000 every single day, and very little said about the millions dependent on food handouts, and the only way that they survive; in this very modern world in the richest capitalist country, which is condemnatory in itself.

Today the whole world is a scary place, no one is safe from the anomalies and stupidities which are now so common, and it up to us Socialist to explain pleasantly and with patiently that capitalism (neoliberal)is a crazy system that was never meant to work in the interests of the majority in the first place.

There are many takes on socialism, but in short it's not about putting some vanguard party in power that will rule over us, it's not about some leader like Vladimir Ilich Lenin or has it ever been.

Trying to keep it short, when production is only for human use, will we see a great development of society's productivity and for the whole community. First of all, an enormous number of jobs which are vital to capitalism will become redundant. Salesmen, Soldiers and Sailors, and others who produce absolutely nothing will be surplus cheese and not needed! Socialism will have no use for such jobs because its wealth will not be produced for sale.

Well these are some of the features of Socialism, although we have left a lot out and unsaid. To us Socialism will set men free to live their lives to the full. It will remove poverty and replace it with plenty. It will (most importantly) abolish war and bring us a world of peace. It will end fear and hatred and give us security and brotherhood. Socialism will be a world worth living for.

And the future is in all our hands, so sorry about the length of this reply but the future is ours for the taking and we say lets take it!

Jim Lawrie and Brian Hopper

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