Monday, 11 January 2010

‘Now is the winter of ..." our discontent’

How close are we from a gas blackout and would such an event have dreadful and dire consequences if the coldest winter in 50 years, continued to run on?

This was an unimaginable conceivability a few years ago, but today it’s anyone’s calculation how close we are or have come to running out of the stuff that when we had our own, it was used to pay for the unemployment that Thatcher conceived in the 70s as well as 80s.

Brown say’s we have an enough, and last week he said we still had reserves in the good old North Sea. A child could tell us along with the cod and the haddock that this simply is not the case.

At lunchtime today Britain's reserve of stored gas stood at just six hours as imports from Norway failed to arrive. Last week the National Grid cut off industrial users on interruptible gas contracts to give priority to domestic supply. Big companies such as British Sugar and Vauxhall's car plant at Ellesmere Port were temporarily cut off last Thursday, forcing them to turn to oil-fired generators. Today they issued an appeal for more gas to be pumped to the UK after unusually cold weather led to a shutdown of the Ormen Lange processing centre in the Norwegian Sea, interrupting gas flows to the UK at a time of peak demand.

So what is going on, if it’s not the very obvious; then how about this? The once grate workshop of the world is so dependent to such an extent on imported fuel and energy to meet its industrial and domestic needs! That this will hamper the so-called economic recovery, and Britain’s standing in the capitalist world is underscored and may be looked on unfavourably, good job that when all else fails; we have the City of London the bankers and the moneylenders!
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Chris H said...

If the NUM had been able to dole out directorships and consultancy positions like the City of London, the bankers and the moneylenders then I can guarantee we wouldn't have been 6 hours away from running out of gas.

Taking the profit motive out of the utilities would be a good start to getting back to a sane energy policy.

Chris H said...

If the NUM had been able to dish out directorships and paid part-time consultancies like the the City of London, the bankers and the moneylenders then we wouldn't be in this position.

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