Sunday, 24 January 2010

A highly likely story ...

I’m extremely concerned when I read and hear reports like the one when our Home Secretary Alan Johnson raised the so-called terrorist level and its current threat level on Friday evening from substantial to severe, meaning an attack is "highly likely".


What is this?

Just watching Alan Johnson on the BBC news report, sent a cold shiver down my back, his well preserved and I’m looking good persona! It’s hard to believe that this man was once a postman, and I wonder what he was like then!

I just can’t understand what’s going on here! One thing I’m sure of though; and that’s I’m not paying any heed to government spin or even downright lies!

Just the "highly likely" but, “an attack was not imminent”, the language used giveaway the game the government are playing, and with considerable certainty; they may think that it may help them out, on one or two fronts, such as Brown giving evidence to the Iraq Inquiry before the election, and with high level meetings and gatherings of world leaders planed to be held in London around issues such as the Middle East, Yemen and Afghanistan, twenty-one foreign ministers, including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are expected to attend the January 27th London Conference discussing threats posed by Yemen.

This may go some way to explaining the situation. However in this last year the government has had a hard time selling the government mission to the public; they try every trick in the box to win some sort of backing for the two wars!

Let’s be absolutely clear here: Labour, that’s New Labour, stand-down from government after 13 years, and go before the country for its hopeful renewal – offering more of the same from these blood dripping bugs of capitalism. The real terrorist level and threat comes from within the system of capitalism, supported by this government and the next whom ever that may be? The all so obvious is spelt out by what the former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix claimed in giving evidence, he said: “the ex-PM (Blair at the time) desperately wanted evidence, but as the case "crumbled" he changed tactics. Instead, he demanded Saddam surrender chemical and biological weapons.”

Dr Blix told BBC Radio: "They changed the tactic at the end. I think they had given up hope." He said he had warned Mr Blair that there were no WMDs at 30 suspected sites but the PM insisted they existed.”
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