Monday, 25 January 2010

Chilcot or Poppycock?

With an inquiry into the Iraq invasion in full thrust, it doesn’t seem as if anyone’s bothered from where I’m standing at the moment! It’s not the conversation I hear in the street amongst ordinary people like my neighbours and friends. Will that change this week; as Tony Blair is set to give his evidence. Up till now I don’t think anyone has taken the bloody thing serious at all, or are we just not bothered, do we know deep down this is just a show, that in the end it will let off the hook the real murderers?

I wonder especially after learning that the evidence relating to the death of Government weapons inspector David Kelly is to be kept secret for 70 years. A highly unusual ruling by Lord Hutton, who chaired the inquiry into Dr Kelly’s death, means medical records including the post-mortem report will remain classified until after all those with a direct interest in the case are dead, the Mail on Sunday reported. And a 30-year secrecy order has been placed on written records provided to Lord Hutton’s inquiry which were not produced in evidence. The Ministry of Justice said decisions on the evidence were a matter for Lord Hutton. But a solitary Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker, who has conducted his own investigations into Dr Kelly’s death, described the order as “astonishing”.

Coming back to Blair; it is almost seven years since he joined with the other war criminal Bush, and led Britain despite the protests of millions and around the world, they led wars that have cost millions of lives, trillions of dollars and pounds to fund; but when he (Blair) steps into the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster on Friday morning, through the ring of steel that will be set up by the security services, the enactment of time will count for nothing, and he in his own knowledge that since stepping down as Prime Minister he (clearly with the blood of others still dripping from his hands) has been able to accumulate a vast fortune of money and property, his family, his children will not go without, they will never feel the hurt or loss like those who have lost their loved ones. However for everything that is bad and unpleasant that has been sanctioned or ordered by both Bush and Blair we must remember that the real crime has been their willingness to serve, retain and defend the capitalist financial aristocracy that has a hold on ‘our’ world; this was their number-one priority and if it hadn’t been those two, then I’m sure it would have been others, only too willing to carryout the dirty work of capitalism.

As I write this wondering as you do, where I am going with it, the media on the internet have started the build-up to Friday’s proceedings. The Daily Telegraph backing the powers that be with an igniting report that thousands of anti-war protesters and Muslim extremists are expected to line the streets and outside the inquiry in protest against his decision to invade Iraq. They also say that Intelligence officers are also reported to have picked up “domestic chatter” suggesting his appearance warrants a high state of alert, what’s the problem here then, are we not already on a so-called terrorist level of severe, meaning an attack is "highly likely".

Oh what times do we dwell in! We invade other countries and then for the next decade the political establishment aided and abated by the mass media label many innocent people as the potential enemy, extremist or worst terrorists!
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John said...

The key points about the Kelly fiasco is that the government adjourned a coroner's court unconstitutionally and that they used the Hutton Inquiry as an excuse to witch hunt the anti-war media (See Chilcot, Hutton and the death of Dr David Kelly). This witch hunt was also outside the bounds of the amendment to the coroner's act under which the Hutton Inquiry was instituted. As a replacement for a coroner's court, the Hutton Inquiry had no legal authority to lock up the details of the investigation for 70 years.

What do we do when the government deliberately abandons the rule of law?
Parliament is the guardian of the British constitution but the MPs seem to be corrupt. They allowed "Lord" Falconer to become a political head of the justice system and just lay supine when the government co-opted a law about train crash inquiries to be used to whitewash the Kelly affair.

The free British press is also supposed to guard our democratic liberties but they are mute. Why?

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