Sunday, 3 January 2010

Champagne reception to help Jim Fitzpatrick beat off Galloway!

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Well here we are day three of 2010 and may I extend to all visitors and readers of this blog a happy Socialist New Year to one and all.

With that out the way; now lets get down to the brass tacks of political reality, and of course this is the year of the general election, no, that is not the Chinese name for their new year, but the non-event that has already started it’s phony war. I am not going to bother examining in any detail what the main political parties are hawking, as far as this blog is concerned; nothing more than the same old same or in other words a continuation of running the system of capitalism.
We also have the new added attraction; well I say attraction but the reality may be that the planed debates on TV of the leaders may turn many of us voters off; this is of course, besides the party political broadcasts and all the junk mail that will be shoved thought the mail box.

I’ve already received an invitation from the Labour Party to attend a fundraising event organised to finance the campaign of Jim Fitzpatrick the Labour candidate for Poplar and Limehouse who is being challenged for his seat by George Galloway, currently the member for Bethnal Green and Bow. So Fitzpatrick is hosting a Gala Dinner to raise 30 thousand pounds for the election and to help him little, wee  David Miliband the Foreign Secretary will be the guest speaker at the event to be held at the East Winter Gardens, Canary Wharf and as the letter say’s the venue is a beautifully designed glass building offering spectacular night views over an illuminated (light pollution) London skyline. The evening will kick off with a champagne reception; guests will be able to have a photo taken with Miliband and enjoy a three course gala dinner all for £50 with no concessions for the low paid or unemployed.
Well I’ve decided that I will attend this event but not as a participant, but rather to use the opportunity to sell the Socialist Standard and distribute some socialist information in regard to some forthcoming events, It is likely I may be slung off Canary Wharf as it is private property, but nevertheless worth a go!
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Chris H said...

Go for it! Should be fun and provide a little insight, if any was needed, into the machinations of new labour.

Concessions? They don't do concessions. Imagine one of the Millibands getting photographed with the working class, his party career would nosedive!

Norbert said...

Hi Chris,

Yes I had a laugh at your remarks about concessions. And as these guests take in the spectacular and sensational views; I hope that the sight of poverty and council housing on the other side of Limehouse is not off-putting or the cause of digestive disorders, but I fear it's to late!

earwicga said...

Happy New Year to you!

I shall think 'phony war' now when I hear the tossers spouting their 'difference'. Total non-event. In the absence of a good independent, the only reason to vote is to keep out the least worst candidate. Very sad.

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