Friday, 8 January 2010

Bitter bite!

I’ve been quite undecided, what exactly should I blog about; there has been lots happening or not happening, the big freeze will be memorable; if we manage to survive its bitter bite!

I’ve noticed less people out on the Streets; Canning Town seems to be depleted of people, most I would think, are just staying in the warm in doors. Not only is it cold, the streets footpaths and roads have become lethal, grave and unsafe. It was only a couple of months ago that the Met Office was predicting a mild winter. Well, the start has been anything but. Thousands of schools are closed across the capital and indeed the whole country has been affected, half the workforce of those currently in employment, failed to turn in to work one day this week, costing the economy millions, not exactly the start that local capitalism was expecting I am sure!
One other illumination; is Gas and how dependent Britain is on foreign suppliers?

Factories and business are brought to a complete ‘Holt’ as supplies are rationed out. It’s so cold that you have to chisel" your dog off the lamppost; is a bit of an exaggeration, but running out of road salt or rubbing more salt into the face of Gordon Brown whilst the plastic facial expression of David Cameron beams down from 700 bill boards and hoardings across the Kingdom.

And what a hoot’ it is, I think it is? Looking at the top High Priests of the Labour Party slug it out; leadership fighting and positioning. You could not make this up; I have to say though; that I am not in the least bothered who leads the Labour Party into the general election, whoever leads or wins the keys to No 10 will not make any difference to us workers, employed or unemployed, retired or even still working. There are differences among the political top contenders, but only on the surface. It’s beginning more than ever, to look presidential, what with Cameron appearing on the poster; he’ has the look of a conman and trickster; but reminds me of some actor caricature say in an episode of Dr. Who, which in fact the last series, screened recently; presented the Master’ as a former UK prime minister, so is Cameron the Master I wonder?

And I see sadly; Christmas trees’ damped; that little joyous atmosphere from Christmas is soon killed off!

I was also thinking wouldn’t Edward "Ed" Samuel Miliband;  make a great Dr. Who? Or maybe not!
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