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What's the flurry he's only the Pope

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I was listening to the news report on my radio of the attack upon his Holiness the Pope the other day; in fact it was on Christmas Eve, that’s when this cited assault occurred, what intrigued me more than anything, was the language used by a Vatican spokesperson who said that despite the security arrangements, how were they to prevent a mentally deranged person attending such a service or even being amongst the vast crowd assembled.

My first thoughts were; what the Pope he is mentally deranged?

But of course, the spokesperson was not referring to the Pontiff but rather the woman who if you like, brought down (pardon the pun) the Pope. And let’s face it, we do not know what her mental or medical status is, just because a Vatican spokesperson is quoted as saying she is suffering from mental health problems or whatever, will simply not do, and it’s also a bit much to hear a representative of the Church and only hours later use these terms and words that are derogatory, disparaging and belittling to all suffers of mental health, especially on the eve of making that big annual pitch and sell, you know what I am talking about, the so-called birth of a special child.

The latest is that a Vatican judge will decide within the next few weeks whether the 25-year-old Swiss woman who assaulted the Pope will face criminal charges.

I think that I ought to say, it’s not my intension to put down someone’s or even anybody’s religious beliefs and notions.

I must also say; that for me, I have a problem with the credibility of such organised religion, particularly in the light of the sexual abuse on children by ordained clergymen. I do not hear or see the Vatican rushing about describing these individuals as deranged, which would be a very-light and mild description at its very least!

One other thing that stands out like a burning bush; is that the Church in fact all religion is run by living mortal’s, wannabee’s and somebodies.

The Times Person of the year is Neda Soltan, the Student shot during a demonstration against the Iranian (religious) regime in June. Just to recap, Ms Sotan 26, joined and protested because she was outraged at the way that the regime stole that presidential election and Neda paid the ultimate price with her life. This was a beautiful young woman now in death being used as a symbol of opposition. When you think about it, the young have been the casualties of this decade, the three examples I will cite are war, protest and disposition. As we have seen our young service personnel here in the UK fighting a war in Afghanistan, with some returning via the streets of a solemn Wootton Basset in flag-draped caskets. Being an older man, old enough to be the father of anyone of those youngsters, I simply fill with despair when I look at their ever so young faces published by the media; some were still at school only a few years ago.

Young people have been in the forefront of climate change campaigning, their activities and, to their credit, have made more and more of us aware of the damage being done to the world’s environment and the move towards the depletion of our dwindling resources. In April during the G20 demonstration, the police directed by the state were particularly heavy on the climate camp people, and this in turn will have pushed more of the young to start to question, mistrust the state and its use or the employment of force. 2010 will mark 19 years since the Poll Tax demonstrations in London, with today’s mounting unemployment, and the young being the hardest hit, even universities are turning-out 40% of graduates strait onto the dole, could mean that we see new political developments amongst the young as they start to ask why?

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