Friday, 13 November 2009


It seems to have been absolutely ages since I last posted on the blog; two things have prevented this, first my computer has been under the weather and suffering from technical problems now hopefully resolved and secondly I’ve been working on an article on homelessness for the Socialist Standard which I submitted today. It’s amazing how much politically occurs in the course of just a few days. Let’s see we’ve had the unemployment figures, the continuing spat with the Sun and Gordon of which the less said about that the better and tonight as I write we are waiting for the by-election result in Glasgow.

One other thing that’s worth a mention is the full of the Berlin Wall and the celebrations, the Financial Times describes this event as the highest form of realism as the world watched in awe twenty years ago as Germans poured by the millions into the streets of Berlin, both east and west. Oh I forgot to mention that the author was one John McCain, yes that’s who I said it was the senator and Republican Party presidential candidate of last year.

Praising Ronny Reagan, European and American soldiers and statesmen along the lines; that this was a profound blow against totalitarianism as it gave birth to the promise of a Europe whole, free and at peace. Well this dick will say that and pretend that this is about universal human rights. So the wall fell, but what McCain won’t say is that the wall went up as a result of a carve-up at wars end between leaders Churchill, Roosevelt and Uncle Joe Stalin. The Socialist Standard has a great front cover with the title ‘Free at last’ and a picture of a guy sledge-hammering down the wall only to reveal a new wall with a $ sign all over it. And the Editorial makes it clear that the fall of the Wall did not bring peace and harmony, look no father than the war in Afghanistan supported by the German administration.

The Glasgow result is in Labour hold the seat, I wonder is a hung parliament a possibility?

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