Friday, 6 November 2009

Twitter on against war!

The Royal British Legion the charity set up to help support the families and victims of war, that’s service personnel who have ventured to ether volunteer or have been conscripted to fight in a war – that’s capitalist wars’, that are not the making of working people. So the Legion has called upon twitters to observe a two minute silence on what has become known as Remembrance Sunday.

Whilst not knocking the work of the Legion and its many branches of charity work through the Poppy Appeal, of which the 2009 Poppy Appeal is emphasising the need to help the Afghan generation of the Armed Forces and their families – today and for the rest of their lives. It has to be recognised that there is something wrong when families and survivors of war particularly the two modern wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan have to rely upon public appeals for help to meet or cope with future needs, and when I think that on the streets of London I’ve met many an ex-serviceman sleeping rough which in itself says a lot.

The last few days have been a reminder to me; it cuts as it has always done; across the fundamental identity working people have to one another. It sets sections of workers against each other and in the interests of sections of the capitalist class. After all it’s their war in their interests, whether that is to secure a much short-sighted and desired commodity or an influence in a region.

It elevates the use of force as an arbiter, the supreme authority to umpire anywhere in the world. It depraves all the participants by forcing them to concentrate upon the best methods of producing misery and annihilating each other. It elevates lying as over the weapons of mass destruction, it covers cheating as in the recent elections in Afghanistan.

Young men and women, in their most impressionable years, have vile methods of warfare impressed upon them so thoroughly that they lose a balanced outlook on life and are impregnated with the idea of force. Many of those who have been subjected to the atmosphere of war remain addicted to violence when war has come to a temporary end.

Socialism is completely opposed to war and to what war represents, at the same time it is a solution to the conditions that breed war and destruction. It is a new form of society in which the people of the world will work harmoniously together for the mutual benefit of all, for there will be neither privilege nor property to cause antagonism of deep seated ill will between people of the world. To anyone who say’s this will never work or call it a pipe dream of utopia; I say why knock something that has never been given a chance and in any case; it’s surely better than war!

In the new world no coercion or compulsion will be employed because each will gain from the co-operation of a world that its people work harmoniously together in peace and understanding. Above all else, war will have ended once and for all, as their will not be a class to maintain a privileged position at the expense of the working class who are always sent off to war. That’s why I will blog and twitter on against war and at the time of the 2 minute silence and not out of disrespect!

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