Tuesday, 3 November 2009

just drifting into unemployment.

I found this on the web-site of the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph so decided to cut and paste it here, it's a fine example of what's currently going on not just in Scunthorpe but all around the country in regard to unemployment and particulary with young people the so-called lost generation. Interesting quotes from young Job hunter Callum Sawyer and Richard Kendall from the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce who seems to think that the young just drift into unemployment.

ALMOST a quarter of jobless young people in North Lincolnshire have been out of work for more than six months.

The figures, released by the Department for Work and Pensions, reveal North Lincolnshire has a higher percentage of people aged 16-24 out of work compared to neighbouring authorities Hull and North East Lincolnshire and a higher level than the national and regional averages.

Business chiefs have warned that unless more is done to tackle youth unemployment, an entire generation could be lost to long-term joblessness.

Job hunter Callum Sawyer, 20, graduated from North Lindsey College as a bricklayer 18 months ago - but he is still looking for regular work in his trade.
He said: "I'm always looking. Even when I don't need to sign on, I come in and look
"It's annoying when you spend two years learning to do something and then you come out and not be able to find work."
The most recent figures show how 370 out of 1,565 jobless young people were claiming Jobseekers' Allowance in September having been out of work for six months or more, a rate of 23.6 per cent.

North East Lincolnshire has a 16.2 per cent rate while the City of Hull has a 20.2 per cent.
The UK average is 19.9 per cent while and the Yorkshire and Humber regional average is 19.6 per cent.

Richard Kendall, a policy executive at the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce, said it was important steps were taken to make sure a generation was not lost to unemployment.
He said: "One of the big fears of the recession is that some of these young people will quickly drift away and never come back."

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Richard Kendall said...

Thanks for your post. Actually I was talking about young people moving away from the area in search of work and not coming back again - I don't think that came across very well in the article.

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