Friday, 6 November 2009

Enter parliament with completely honest intentions.

Twigmore Woods, Scunthorpe

Guy Fawkes the only man to enter parliament with completely honest intentions.

I was travelling home last night from central London to my home in the east end, that’s Canning Town to be precise; and on my pushbike which is for me the usual mould of transport for getting around the city; and as it was bonfire night it was hard to keep my eyes fixed to the road as the fireworks took to the sky and all around, not as many I thought as in previous years, however as I hit home turf at about 9.00pm you could smell the smouldering sulphur wolf down the streets, always presenting me with a nostalgic reminder of personal years past.

I remember Scunthorpe when the Kids of my childhood and early youth, spent hours making an effigy of poor old Guy Fawkes. The idea being to raise funds for hosting a fireworks party by standing outside a pub or a working men’s club with Guy propped up against the wall or in an old pram and the kids would appeal to the drinker for the necessary cash for the venture in hand. In those day’s it must be said that most folk were very supportive especially if they’d had a good night with say a win on the bingo or the chocolate and meat board.

I was speaking to a friend from Scunthorpe this morning who informed me that Guy Fawkes had local connections; interestingly my friend said that Guy Fawkes and the plotters held meetings in local woods of Twigmore simply because it was safe: John Wright of Twigmoor Hall, Manton, and Lincolnshire was one of the Gunpowder plotters.
The Doomsday Book records Manton with the spelling of Mameltune. Over the centuries various other spellings of the name appear including Malmetuna, Maunton and Mawton. Translated the villages name means 'farmstead on sandy or chalky ground'. Manton is a small-secluded hamlet overlooking the steel works in Scunthorpe. Its population peaked in 1871 when 327 people were recorded in the census. Since however the figure has steadily decreased with only 124 people recorded resident in 1991.
Just to the north of Manton are Twigmoor Woods and old Twigmoor Hall. The Hall was as I say home to John 'Jack' Wright who was one of Guy Fawkes fellow conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot. Local legend has it that much of the plot was in fact hatched at the Hall. It is said that a musket shot from one of Sir Richard Walsh's men while trying to evade capture after the plot had been discovered mortally wounded Wright – and the rest has become history as well as becoming another way of making money out of our kids down the years!

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Diana Baghurst said...

I found your post so interesting. Thankyou. I can't believe that sofew people are interested in it or maybe they just don't know about it. I only found out through a Bygones Supplement in our local paper. It is AMAZING.The local school kids should be told about it so it's never forgotten.I understand that it's in a poor state and up for sale, unless that was an old postIwas reading.

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