Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Corruption Perceptions

The Berlin-based organization Transparency International ranks countries according a Corruption Perceptions Index, which is based on a survey of business and government experts. New Zealand ranked the least corrupt country, while Somalia ranked the worst.

Now this news story caught my eye yesterday and for the life of me I could not let it pass without some comment.

Are we to be grateful to this organizations dedicated collating of such information?
And what should we make of the facts, that US-occupied Afghanistan is the world’s second most corrupt country—after Somalia, where no government has functioned for two decades—while Iraq is the fourth worst, according to this report.

Instead of going of on a conniption about Afghanistan or Iraq as I usually do, what about here back at home. Well it's not all bad, out of 180 countries listed we are joint 17th with Japan and underneath us is the US at 19th. It’s nice to known that we excel, surpass our special partners in something then.

I do suppose, when I think about it more, it all depends what we mean by corruption?
What about the whole to-do thing about MPs expenses was that not in itself – deceitful and corrupt or doesn’t that count, after all we are talking about a corruption that was very widespread and fell across the whole political establishment and parties holding up the piggy bank of Westminster.

I think it is down to what is perceived as corruption, for example I think that donations made to the main Westminster parties by big business and rich individuals is also a corrupt practice, a form of bribery that seeks to influence favourably government. They say that money makes the world go round!

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