Monday, 30 November 2009

Christmas Shopping

I have this sense of feeling this morning, that I’m getting ahead of myself; it probably has something to do with the ascent out of dream world and, for some reason I dreamt that I was out celebrating and bringing in the new year. As I recollect, it was a good dream even though its four week into the future, but not really that far off now, once we get past the Christmas festivities.

I think that most people will say that Christmas is one big commercial jamboree or, say its for the kids. I think that the older I’ve become the more I dislike the whole thing altogether, it must be the tranquillising seduction, enticing many into winter’s commercial wonderland of jingling tills.

I wonder if people still organise such things as Christmas clubs, were, over the course of the year many workers would pay in an amount that would go towards financing the family to-do. I suppose it’s just a reminder that times have changed with the advent of plastic and the buy now and pay later culture that’s trapped a great many promoted and encouraged by the banks and other financial leaches, the bloodsucking terrestrial worms having a sucker it seems at each end.

I try my best at this time of the year to ignore and push aside, the in your face constant rapid and continuous barrage and, everywhere you turn reminders of the countdown of shopping days to that great day, starting usually after bonfire night. Only on Friday I was travailing across London on my pushbike along the south bank of the Thames, when all of a sudden I rode straight into a Christmas Market that was supposedly a German style affair, I will spear the details, but in all probability was nothing like a real German Winter Market, just another commercial scam to make money and well in advance of Christmas.

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