Saturday, 7 November 2009

At the Centaph

This rather troubling monument commemorates UK soldiers who were executed by their own army for cowardice or desertion. British and Commonwealth soldiers were bound, blindfolded and shot by a British firing squad at dawn. The story of the underage soldier depicted by the sculpture is disturbing.

We can feel the fear and confusion of this young man.

“The memorial portrays a young British soldier blindfolded and tied to a stake in anticipation of execution by firing squad. The memorial was modeled on the likeness of 17-year-old Private Herbert Burden, who lied about his age in order to enlist in the forces and was later shot for desertion. It is surrounded by a semi-circle of stakes on which are listed the names of every soldier executed in this fashion.”

The mix of innocence, youth, fear and vulnerability emanating from the monument gives the visitor a sickening feeling. We are once again faced with the death and the suffering of the “small people” caught in the games of the elite.

The above is taken from the VigilantCitizen Blog.

I will be thinking tomorrow on Remembrance Sunday that in World War One, 396 British and Commonwealth soldiers were executed, they gave their lives or rather had them took so that capitalism and the ruling class could enjoy the unfortunate and unscrupulous control over all are lives in the simple name of turning a world for profit.

I will be thinking tomorrow of all the soldiers who have given their life up to war, the soldiers of all Nations whose lives were pulled like the petal from that delicate poppy that covered the fields of Flanders were the war dead still lay.

I will be thinking tomorrow of the poppy fields of opium in Afghanistan, and the mission no one understands.

Bring them back!

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