Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What is Democracy?

The post below this is a contribution I’ve made this morning in a debate being had on the new Socialist Blogging Forum set up last week by this blog and the Lansbury’s Lido Blog. The forum very much in its infancy welcomes any new members who would like to partake in the scientific examination of the capitalist world, through debate and the friendly exchange of ideas, as albeit a small contribution to the movement for socialism and a far better world that meets the needs of the overwhelming majority, yes, as opposed to that of the tiny minority. For more information or to join the group click onto the blog forum on this page.

Coming back to the thread about ‘democracy’; and I will use a small d that seems more appropriate to what democracy is in reality. Most people will think that when we speck of democracy with the small d we speck about a system of government carried out by the people governed (direct democracy), or the power to do so is granted by them (as in representative democracy).

This word democracy is used a great deal nowadays by all the mainstream politicians, but they speak with fork-like-tong. Democracy is more than just about government or governance or what they, who rule over us, want us to think it is!

Democracy is about the way we live, and what we live under, not about who or which capitalist party we vote for who are all jockeying about to run the capitalist shit system, which we have no real say over. Government is the smokescreen for capitalism and very convenient too, when things go wrong, blame the governments, even change the government as will no doubt happen soon, but what stays in tacked is the very system, which is the real problem.

This is a system where the slaves get to vote for their masters!

As For Hugo Chavez and his like; I’m just not convinced, that he promotes a vision of democratic socialism, if he dose, it’s very much his own vision, and a vision that he says works for Latin American integration, and anti-imperialism, fine. But capitalism is global if anything more so today than ever and therefore the opposition to capitalism I feel must be global, socialism cannot be built in one country or a continent alone and in isolation. And is it, ‘socialism’ this Bolivarian Revolution? There are a number of things that I find very worrying about Chavez like his trip to Moscow a week or so ago when he reached a $2.2 billion arms deal with the Russian government to supply Venezuela with battle tanks and sophisticated surface-to-air missile systems.

The weapons agreement is symptomatic of mounting tensions in the region, which are increasingly being exacerbated by conflicts between the Washington and other powers on the world arena. Chavez has made it clear that he sees the weapons deal as a means of countering a growing threat of US military aggression, particularly in the wake of the coup in Honduras and the announcement of an agreement by Colombia to allow American military forces to use seven bases on its territory. But I still wonder? The other thing that I take into consideration about Chavez is his military career as an officer in the army and a member of a counter insurgency battalion, not to mention his left-nationalist doctrine that has been given the title ‘Bolivarianism’.

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