Friday, 23 October 2009

Strike Breakers or What?

This is the first time in day’s that I’ve really felt like writing anything for my blog, I believe from time to time we all experience what they call writers block, well that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

But like a bottleneck or a dam that holds water, it just broke and on my way back from the fortnightly visit to the dole office. As usual I thought the dole office was full of fellow workers looking or rather falling over one another in the hunt for jobs and a standard of living that in reality simply for many doesn’t exist.

Last night I picked up a copy of the London Evening Standard which is now a free publication, its front page lead story was that it had discovered a secret sorting office used by Royal Mail to deal with millions of items caught in the dispute with striking mail carriers (postmen) who are fighting to keep their jobs. The Standard claims to have found a huge warehouse in Dartford, Kent - staffed with about 100 agency workers – some may describe them as scabbing during this industrial action. The temporary base is being run around the clock manned as I say by agency workers who are only temporary in all respects, being paid the minimum wage of £5.80 to clear an estimated 15 million parcels and packages caught up in the nationwide strike. And as to pour cold water on hot coals, the standard reports that this is ‘sure to infuriate’ union membership fighting to save jobs feared to be at risk from the modernisation of Royal Mail.

The point that I wish to make; is this is as good an example of how workers are being played off against one another and in a recession too, which I have said many times; always suits the profit making system that runs every aspect of all our lives. The temporary workers were probably either unemployed or just made redundant and like all of us have a desire to get buy harvest and provide for family and so on, especially in this heavily deluged consumer led society, many have blinkers on their eyes, and more so today than ever, falling as victims to the floor of the profit making system, the system that has no answers for poverty, unemployment or war. It is therefore the mission of true Socialists to now step up the work of explaining to all workers with all the means at our disposal that this system has nothing to offer or has it ever, and lets say to those who think that standing candidates with the sole aim of being elected to adjust capitalism, has proven not to work. Socialism is about changing the system not running it!

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