Saturday, 24 October 2009

Stop the war and have a revolution!

Stop the war and have a revolution – will be the talking point that I intend to raise with people on the latest demonstration called by Stop the War Coalition to be held today in central London – and their theme being ‘bring the troops home’.

It was interesting that Jack Straw appearing on this week’s farcical episode of Question Time and along side the much demonstrated about leader of the BNP Nick Griffin; used the frozen metaphor that enlisted soldiers or rather constipated participants who lost their lives during the last world war did so as a sacrifice for us all; these included he said: the contribution made by servicemen and women from both Africa and Asia. More often than ever these days; mainstream politicians are telling us that those who lose their lives in war do so as an un-selfish sacrifice for the freedom we supposedly enjoy today, as if it’s some religious act to have laid your life down for others. The course of all modern wars including the last world war has been capitalism which literally makes it a real issue of life and death for men women and children in every part of the globe.

War can solve no working class problem or has it ever. It cuts across the fundamental identity of interests of workers of the world, setting sections of this class at enmity (deep-seated ill-will) with each other in the interests of sections of the capitalist class. It elevates force into the position of arbiter in place of the common human desire for mutual peace and happiness. In short its effects are wholly evil and only in Socialism will war disappear and humanity will have taken the first step out of the jungle.

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