Thursday, 29 October 2009

A political struggle against a Labour government

A political struggle against a Labour government

Postal workers confront a coordinated campaign to defeat their strike in defence of jobs and conditions, drawn up and executed by Royal Mail and the Labour government.
Management has recruited 30,000 temporary workers as the centrepiece of a scabbing operation that also involves management personnel who are members of the Unite union. TNT, Britain’s largest private mail operator, is seeking the right to permanently use its own employees to deliver mail door-to-door by offering their assistance to the government to break the strike.
Postmen and women are a part of the community, the service they provide is priceless and this is one business that shouldn’t be run for profit. Not only do postal workers deliver the dreaded bills, they are in a great many cases the pillars of community cohesion, the friendly face in the street whose demise will be very much missed by us all if the management of Royal Mail and the government have their way. The life of mans best friend the family pet Labrador of mongrel will never be the same again and the loneliness of the pensioner will be driven into a little more isolation.

The destruction of tens of thousands of jobs in preparation for the part-privatization of letter deliveries. Management wants to slash staffing levels by up to 40 percent. Some 16,000 jobs are reported to be at risk. Royal Mail has already shed 50,000 jobs since 2002.

This whole dispute has been engendered and scandalously brought forth by a Labour government whose only interest has been to put profit before people who they treat as nothing more than worker ants for capitalism. The harm that the Labour Party has done to the greater community during the last 12 years will have its repercussions and wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it led to social unrest in a few years time?

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