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Today, this morning I thought it would be nice to write a few lines about Mika.

Mika is my pet ferret and has been for almost three years; she’s what’s called a Jill the name given for a female and Hob being a male.

Love them or hate them, ferrets hold a fascination for most People, be they very young or somewhat older. For me the fascination started about five years ago, when I met a friend in the Socialist Party who owned one; I was instantly won over by these inquisitive very independent animals that know no fear and treat life as one big adventure they are very playful all the time.

Ferrets have had a lot of bad publicity in the past, and have been the butt of many jokes and unkind words. Anyone who has actually spent time with ferrets, and especially those like me who own or work with them, will tell you that they are some of the most intelligent, clean, playful and brave creatures that live on this earth. Too long have they been the subject of comedians’ humour. Authors of fiction, who describe ferrets and their relatives as sly, evil creatures, have obviously never met a real ferret or weasel, or they would know just how inaccurate that description is. If, by writing this for my blog, I have persuaded a few more people to think better of ferrets, then my efforts have not been wasted.

Mika lives freely in my flat, has no cage although her bedroom is the airing cupboard in my bathroom, but for most of the day she has free range of the flat, which is her home as much as mine.
Mika came from a ferret rescue centre and was a year old when she came to live with me, she has many years in front of her and has attended many anti-war demonstrations and political meetings which she always enjoys; on one occasion she got a mention in the Times. Together we work for a better world for all animals and people.

A world for workers and a world for ferrets!

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Chris H said...

Not electrical cable nibblers like rabbits then?

She does look lovely though!

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