Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Graveyard.......

News Flash :

MAJOR poll published this evening in the Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph has predicted all three North Lincolnshire constituencies will change from Labour to Tory MPs at the next general election.
Politics Home interviewed more than 33,000 people in marginal seats across the country and found big support for the Conservative Party.
If repeated at the election, the local results would see Brigg and Goole MP Ian Cawsey and Cleethorpes and Barton MP Shona McIsaac lose their seats.

The results of the YouGov poll show a 13 per cent swing in Brigg and Goole and a six per cent swing in Cleethorpes, more than enough to defeat both MPs.

In Scunthorpe, Politics Home calculated 13 per cent of voters would change to the Tories, beating the more than 8,500 vote majority secured by Elliot Morley in 2005.

No surprise here then, and after the Elliot Morley scandal with expenses. All three MPs are supporters of that which was known as New Labour. So I suppose they are heading for a watery political grave then, if this translates into votes against them.

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