Saturday, 10 October 2009

The ‘Governator’

Where I dwell in Newham the council every fortnight puts out a glossy magazine the Newham Mag as it’s called and it’s very glossy and full of colour photography promoting the wonders of our Olympic Borough; which also happens to have some of the poorest people and highest levers of poverty in the country.

The council is run by an elected Mayor, Sir Robin Wales who was and is I suppose, considered to be running what has been described as the flagship local authority of New Labour.

The Newham Mag must cost an absolute packet to produce, and as I say every fortnight. Recent issues have begun to feature very strongly the developments in and around the Olympic Park such as the Iconic Olympic Stadium (not my description) with 80,000 seat capacity. This is not the only development going on there is Stratford City, as it will be known, its expected to be the largest shopping centre in Europe, with up to 300 stores, and better not forget Stratford International were trains aren’t currently stopping due to it being in the midst of a dirty big building site. So this may give the reader some idea of what is accruing here in London’s East End. I just discovered and through the Mag that the Olympic Delivery Authority hold bus trips around the site for the locals so I am thinking of booking a seat and having a look a look, when I do I will of course furnish the blog with a full report.

Well the other thing that I noticed in the Mag was that the Mayor has offered a Olympic invite to the ‘Governator’ – yes Sir Robin has invited the Governor of California and failed actor (in my book) Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the borough’s civic guest during the Games. Now whether Arnold takes him up on the offer is another matter because in the same letter of invite the Mayor also offered financial advice to Mr. Schwarzenegger, whose state is facing huge fiscal challenges. But Sir Robin has identified £70 million in savings over a three year period. Well all I can say is I hope that the Mayor has not upset the ‘Governator’ who in the 1960 was apparently Mr. Olympia.

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