Monday, 26 October 2009

fuel poverty

Research from the Department of Energy and Climate Change has now confirmed that one in four families in the UK are now trapped in “fuel poverty” whereby at least 10% of their income is spent on gas and electricity.

This figure has risen by 15% since 2007 and now takes in 4 million people although projections for this year suggest the figure could rise to as high as 6.6 million people. This is almost 3 times the figure from 2004 and is alarming. These figures are expected to rise even further as energy prices go up to pay for new generation of nuclear power stations.

Despite the fact that the government has promised to address the problem of fuel poverty and energy prices, in reality just like child poverty little has been done As a consequence, more and more people are now falling into the fuel poverty trap and the 6.6 million people forecast for this year could well increase in the short to medium term.


Commie Blaster said...

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Jim said...

Hi Commieblaster,

Nice to make your acquaintance, and thanks for your post even though it’s some what off topic. I must admit when I first read it I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, because you seem to have a narrow-minded view of what a Communist is suppose to be in reality.

I recon and accept that I’m a Communist simply because the word Communist is the same as the word Socialist having the same meaning in all respects. I prefer being described as a Socialist, because Communist has unfortunately been given a bad name by those who would otherwise call themselves Communist or run and ran missed called regimes. When you stop to think about the word Communist, it means common, it means that all the worlds resources should be the common property of all humanity not the few. It means a common community, a world common community without borders, or nations. In short it means a different way of life on planet earth for the whole of mankind, no wars, no hunger, no homelessness and so on, a way of life that has never had the opportunity as of yet to come into being.

In order to appreciate the simple idea of socialism you have to free your self from the capitalist chains rapped around ones mind, of the information absorbed that taught to obey and not question or dare be a freethinker.
Socialism or real Communism is the complete opposite to what you Commieblaster churn-out which is second-hand hate with a psychological twist.

Whatever you say about your own President Obama, cuts no ice with me old chap, the only thing that Obama has going for him is that he’s not as bad as his predecessor; and the ruling class of the US are quite happy to use him at this time, he’s a means to an end keeping capitalisms fire stoked and looking after it’s interests in the world which is part of the job.

You’re not the only one to be trapped into the mental capitalist jigsaw, but I’m glad to say that more and more people every day are begging to see through the puzzle and you never know you may join us one day.

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