Thursday, 1 October 2009

Attack the Young

I’ve been struggling recently, struggling as a parent of a teenaged boy, well he’s a man really at 18 but still this can be an impressionable age for a young person making their way in the world of the adult. I think my problem is more to do with understanding than trust; and it seems such a long time since I was that age. Never is there easy answers when it comes to the ones we love, doing the right thing can be hard when all you intended was to protect them from harm.
Returning to the Gordon Browns speech, I felt somewhat nauseated to say the least, which he chose to single out teenaged mothers who he claimed fell pregnant only to obtain the keys to a council flat. In the showbiz factor address to the zombies’ assembled he pledged that teenage mothers are to be placed in supervised homes.

“I stand with the people who are sick and tired of others playing by different rules or no rules at all”.

He declared war on 16- and 17- year old mothers on benefits, saying from 2012 they would all be offered a place in a network of shared ‘supervised homes’ where they would learn about responsibility and how to ‘raise their children properly’.

Brown told the gathering: “that’s better for them, better for their babies and better for us all in the long run”.

His speech and these remarks not only reinforce the myth about single mothers, but is a clear demonstration of a Labour Party that is bullying the young, who have laid down their lives in wars for oil and suffer more than any section of our society when it comes to any future prospects in terms of jobs. Being a young person today is much harder than when I left school and must be a sheared and constant worry for all parents, and this workhouse attack is an absolute disgrace from Brown.

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Chris H said...

Spin and pandering to the right wing media methinks.

I believe that you need to be 18 before you can get a tenancy. 16-17 year olds are currently dealt with by charities and NGOs in a network of 'supervised homes'. Least I think that's what happens.

Anyways, seems the spinners are knocking up straw men for the glorious leader to battle against.

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