Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Reach for the sky!

Unemployment today leapt to its loftiest level for 14 years, curtailing expectations of an economic recovery. There is no point me posting up the depressing figures here they are available on the Internet for anyone who cares to inspect.

I have read that economists are jabbering that the figures depict a slackening of the labour market; well if that means that thousands are losing jobs with no end in sight to the human cull then yep; I agree.

Featureless as ever the government conceded that it would take some time for the labour (slave) market to improve. But my feeling is that the iceberg that is hitting the working class has not emerged form its murky depths and when it doses it will only turn over the lifeboats.

One other important mater that we should contemplate is fast-falling earnings, and following on from my post of yesterday; is that government datum shows workers are taking pay cuts, accepting pay freezes or going part-time to hold desperately on to a job.

Who was it that said you’ve never had it so good, well I am not offering a prize for the correct answer. But I am alarmed about all the young people who may have left school or university in the last year, they are being described and incurably sketched as the wasted generation. The number of 16 to 24-year-olds out of work rose from 928,000 to 947,000 – bordering closer to the cardinal point of one million. One in five young people are now looking for a job.

A YouGov poll inducted for the poverty charity Elizabeth Finn Care intimated that 5 per cent of unemployed young people felt suicidal about their circumstance.

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