Tuesday, 8 September 2009

On the horizon!

What passes as good news these day’s then, it’s very hard to think of what dose in the unsettled and uncertain times for the many. How depressing to read or hear of race hatred violence in Birmingham or that the leader of the BNP is to be given a platform on Question Time, not that I’m opposed to this, what do they say about giving someone enough rope.

But I’m beginning to see comparisons with the years before the last war, unemployment, poverty and the rise of a far right in Britain.

We are heading into the eye of the storm, and I can’t help thinking that in the next years to come things are going to turn very nasty unless a miracle delivers us from evil.

Only today I’ve been reading that High Street sales slumped last month, an indication that the recent hopes for economic recovery were if anything premature; something I’ve been saying to my friends and on this blog for some time. Food understandably, was the only product category in which sales rose in August; only because people have to eat and the trend was towards eating at home as our disposable income dries up.

High street sales flattened as consumer anxiety about unemployment the economy deepen. Well, as we move towards Christmas will this continue as VAT returns to 17.5 per cent, remains to be seen.

Asian shares touched their highest levels in a year yesterday, whilst gold hit $1.000 an ounce for the first time in six months indicating concerns about the sustainability of the global economic recovery. Gold is rallying on fears of a equity retreat. Many feel that stocks will fall, so people with hard cash put there money into something they feel is safe; until better times!

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