Tuesday, 15 September 2009

laughing all the way to the bank

While the earth reels from the worst ever self-infected recession in a lifetime or more, the band masters at the summit continue to bankroll themselves lopsidedly.

Last year those at the very top paid themselves more than £1. Billion not to mention perks.

Executives at Britain’s top blue-chip companies saw their basic salaries leap 10% despite the onset of the worst global recession.

How twisted up can you get! So many people at the moment are faced with taking pay cuts, yet those making the most are getting paid more!
This kind of flagrant profiteering is unfair and amoral and in a better place would be illegal...

To the better of us mere mortals this practice confronts rationale sense and is an affront to any measure of creditability or fair play. And yet are we really shocked? Current history certainly illustrates to us that there is no real sense of fairness in existence when it comes to the distribution of wealth and the reward for hard work in this our society. So the managerial classes at the top continue to award themselves the most obscene amounts while the rest of us suffer the devastating hardships of a recession, which this very same class helped create through blind greed and incompetence.

And we the suffering majority, who have without any real say had to bank roll the survival of this deeply dishonest and unfair system with trillions of pounds of tax income, and then we are rewarded with job losses, wage cuts and the destruction of barely adequate pension packages. Yet the rewards for the top few percent just keep on escalating. We are being utterly, utterly shafted so that this managerial/banking elite can carry on as usual, rewarding itself ever more obscene sums of our money whilst laughing at our own collective impotence, apathy and servitude.


Chris H said...

We may say how things have gone wrong but in reality this system is working fine for those the system is meant to work for. The capitalist is in a win-win situation. Things go 'good' and they reap the rewards; things go bad and we pay the debt.

How to change the system though......

Jim said...

Yes, Chris I do concur with your sentiments about the subsistence of the system, but I think that capitalist uniformity has always worked to benefit only the few, and not being a Trekky you understand, however, I do love that saying of Mr. Spock’s : “ The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

I also think that workers have always been paying the price.

How to change the system is the big question, which I think will be down to the majority to decide when the penny eventually drops, and it will. Meanwhile we must keep generating the socialist basket along with not facilitating any self-seeking leaders it has to be the conviction of us all – a far better world!

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