Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Labour Party Conference

I gave myself a treat this afternoon, I tuned into the Gordon Brown speech at the Labour Party conference being held at Brighton. Nice place Brighton have not been there for ages; and I always think of that beach as being unusual with shingles and pebbles, and of course the nudist beach!

Well what can I say about Gordon's speech, well not a lot really, only how lavish an event the conference has become and a far cry from 30 years ago, they must spend thousands on the stage setting what with the big video screens and the reflected images of the Union Jack, do they still call it that, I cannot remember?

The presenter on the TV said that the conference hall was packed full to the rafters and then added the first time this week! I suppose that says it all really, not like the old days when delegates from CLPs and trade unions would be doing a weeks work fighting on the conference floor to get some policy or other thorough. Well there are some lovely pubs in Brighton and it might as well be a weeks holiday at the seaside, because its just a show, the delegate's have no say any more, them days are over and long ago!

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