Tuesday, 1 September 2009

food parcels

About fifteen years ago a friend and I started the Crosby Community Association in what was and still remains a rundown area of Scunthorpe, prevalent with poverty and high unemployment. Whilst it is pleasing that the association still exists and has grown into an organisation that has five fulltime staff who provide a wide range of services from welfare rights to debt counselling and has its own mini bus and premises, it nevertheless still remains disheartening to read such reports as the one I’ve pasted below which appeared in today’s local paper.

A CHARITY which provides essential food parcels for needy North Lincolnshire families has appealed to Scunthorpe Telegraph readers for food donations.
Anne Mulligan, debt and welfare support co-ordinator with the Crosby Community Association, said on average one North Lincolnshire family per week is in need of a food parcel.
"We have donated about 50 food parcels which usually equates to one per week," she said.
"The parcels are given to people throughout North Lincolnshire, including rural areas, to people who need them, not just in the Crosby area."
But she said, the association was in desperate need of food donations from members of the public.
"Our stocks of food supplies used in the parcels are drying up and becoming increasing low.
"We are desperate for people to donate tinned food and non perishables so they can be issued straight away," she said.
She said the impact of the credit crunch and rocketing fuel prices had affected people's ability to provide the bare essentials for their families.
"With rising utility bills such as gas and electric people are having to chose whether to eat or keep warm.
"People forget that there are people on their doorstep in need. We are very good in this country at giving to charities abroad.
"The demand for parcels is increasing but unfortunately people are not donating as much produce because the recession and the credit crunch has a knock-on effect," she said.

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